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Initial Contact 

It is important that you feel comfortable talking to me so please, phone, email or use the form on the 'Contact me' page to arrange a brief phone conversation.

First Session

After talking on the phone, we will meet in person, online or by phone for an initial first session. During this session we will explore how we may work together before making a longer-term commitment to ongoing therapy. 

My Fees & Availability

for in-person, online & phone sessions

Availibility: please enquire

My fees: please enquire


I am registered with the following health insurance providers:
Cigna, AvivaVitality, WPA

Face-to-Face COVID-19 Safety
2 metres distance seating, room airing between sessions, antibacterial handgel provided;

diversity of colours

"When the other person is hurting, confused, troubled, anxious, alienated, terrified; or when he or she is doubtful of self-worth, uncertain as to identity, then understanding is called for.

The gentle and sensitive companionship of an empathic stance… provides illumination and healing.

In such situations deep understanding is, I believe, the most precious gift one can give to another.”

Carl Rogers

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