phone and online counselling

Online and Phone Counselling

Remote counselling: online or by telephone

Remote counselling is a flexible way to seek help as it can be arranged in any private, comfortable and safe environment, such as your home or car. You may wish to use head or earphones to reduce the extent of our conversation being overheard. There is no need to travel to see each other in person and there is greater flexibility regarding availability.


Whichever format you choose, therapy offers a space where you can feel understood without judgement, confidentially explore your feelings and problems and discover a way forward. 

If you decide on online counselling, I will send you a video link to connect for online counselling via Zoom, Doxy or your preferred safe application. No special equipment or application is necessary, you will only need access to the internet and a smartphone, computer or tablet. 

If you prefer telephone counselling, I will call you either on a landline or a mobile number you specify. 

What to expect after our first contact is explained here.

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Irvin D. Yalom