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What is counselling?

It is a 'talking therapy' that you may generally seek when you want to change something about yourself either because you can no longer tolerate your current situation or because you want to explore your feelings about life more in-depth. It is a therapeutic space created by the counsellor and the client, two people seeking to unravel human the existence.

The counselling process

Individual counselling is a distinct way of connecting with another person who accepts you as a human being. Making sense of ourselves and the world can be confusing, challenging and sometimes unforgivingly painful.

You may feel that it would be helpful to talk to a trained professional when feelings and thoughts become entangled or overwhelming and issues cannot be resolved by talking about them to your friends or family. 

I strive to convey my empathy and acceptance authentically towards you. My focus will be on the issue you wish to discuss. I will invite you to explain what brought you to counselling. We will then collaboratively explore and bring into awareness alternative ways to be. The answers to your issues will be unique to you. We will 'walk' side by side, at a pace you are comfortable with. 

Counselling is a process of a combination of things: reflection, exploration, healing, self-awareness, self-development. And to make the most of this process, it is important to attend with regularity. You could look at it as a way of practising self-care because the focus is entirely on your well-being.

"'Twas I, but 'this not I.
I do not shame
To tell you what I was, since my conversion
So sweetly tastes, being the thing I am."

William Shakespeare

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

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